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Belly Blaster Review: Does It Work?

Expert Rating: 3.6/5
Customer Rating: 3.8/5

Belly Blaster is a weight loss supplement with 4 ingredients that claims to provide clinically studied effects.

They say this can target blood sugar, belly fat, cholesterol, and excess weight loss. The formula is heavy on caffeine and other fairly common weight loss ingredients.

Belly Blaster Review

The studies they claim exist showed a major reduction of appetite, metabolism, enhancement, and total fat loss when used alongside diet and exercise. They especially claim this targets stubborn fat in areas like the hips and stomach.

Sales are only offered on Amazon with a 30 day supply sold at $99.99.Daily use can be calculated at $3.33.

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The blend is made up of:

Green Coffee Bean Extract: A stimulant ingredient that comes from an unroasted coffee bean. The chlorogenic acid also makes it potentially useful at supporting blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Raspberry Ketones: A natural chemical in raspberries which triggers adiponectin production, a hormone which can lower appetite and support fat burning. The use of raspberry ketones has increased in weight loss supplements due to new research showing its potential.


3 of the 4 ingredients have a great potential for weight loss benefits. The official company website also offers a descriptive explanation for the intended benefits. A clear warning label is also provided so customers know what may result from the caffeine use.


This relies far too much on a heavy amount of caffeine, which may result in side effects. The claim that his targets belly fat is not proven and no supplement can prove it offers direct spot reduction. The reviews on this were extremely poor and the high cost is not justified with the amount of ingredients used.

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Garcinia Cambogia: A tropical fruit extract that’s had an increased popularity for its weight loss potential. It can affect both fat loss and appetite suppression using its HCA. Amounts of HCA should be higher in order to best provide results, and unfortunately this blend only has 50%, as opposed to the most preferred 80%.

Caffeine Anhydrous: Dehydrated stimulant which is often found in supplements which intend to increase metabolism, focus, and energy. The total amount added is 150 mg of caffeine, equivalent to around a cup of coffee’s worth per serving. A maximum daily amount double is 300 mg, which is quite a lot of caffeine for those not used to it.

Though caffeine can no doubt have positive effects, the possibility for symptoms tolerance and withdrawals cheapens its use. Caffeine is not a reliable long-term ingredient since over time the positive effects will likely naturally become ineffective.


The heavy reliance on caffeine greatly cheapens the overall worth of this brand. Using a total of 300 mg a day at the highest dosage strength is a lot to ask for. This is why it should not be taken late in the day, and why those sensitive to caffeine likely wouldn’t be able to use it.

Most weight loss brands typically only add in about 150 mg, and this brand doubles it unnecessarily. Caffeine can have an impact on metabolism but it’s not worth using for long-term benefits. This also can be purchased elsewhere where at the very least it can be controlled such as in a cup of coffee.

Even though the other ingredients are potentially useful, because you can’t take out the caffeine it greatly limits its potential.

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Liquid Supps is responsible for this brand and they operate out of Arizona. Unfortunately the official Belly Blaster website does not mention anything about a money back guarantee, or how their manufacturing process works.

They also fail to give any evince that this can actually affect weight loss. This spot reduction myth has been disproven and is not claimed by any trusted scientific source. The fact that they claim this is a possibly raises major questions about their accountability.

There were also questionable changes in price as some customers noted that at times this is sold for $99.99, and sometimes it’s only sold for $19.99.For the kinds of ingredients used, this is incredibly expensive.

They also make it clear ha this is backed by:

“Powerful, proven… compounds”

They suggest that this is clinically studied for weight loss but they fail to cite any sources to help prove this claim. The lack of information prevents users from judging if this is suitable for their needs.


Consumer Opinions

Overwhelmingly customer had only negative things to say. A common complaint was that it simply didn’t work, and a few complained about side effects.

There was also concern about returning weight, as many ended up losing some weight, but then quickly gaining it back again. It’s unclear if this is related to the stimulant use, which may affect metabolism for a short while.

Nearly half of the reviews on Amazon were negative at the time of this review. The amount of mixed reviews makes it hard to trust that this would actually work. Typically every brand will have either a few negative or positive experiences, but when it’s split this much it’s often a sign of a cheap formula.

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Belly Blaster does use some solid ingredients which can trigger weight loss, but the high caffeine reliance and simple blend is found elsewhere at a higher strength.

The total HCA amount in their Garcinia Cambogia is low, and there’s only a few ingredients added to this. It’s sold at an exceptionally high cost and far too many customers said it was ineffective and not worth using.

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