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Garden of Life Fucoxanthin Review: Does It Work?

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Garden of Life Fucoxanthin is a weight loss supplement made with a unique ingredient that claims it can support fat burning.

They suggest it can offer thermogenic effects without any stimulant like side effects. There’s studies performed on the sole active ingredient showing an average of 11.5 pound difference in weight loss when compared to placebo.

Garden of Life Fucoxanthin Review

Direct sales are offered on this brand, and they come in 90 to 180 capsule bottles. They especially mention that it’s free of gluten, dairy, and that it won’t because any common stimulant like side effects that other thermogenics may produce. This includes jitters, insomnia, and other related symptoms.

The main intended benefits are fat burning and antioxidant support on a cellular level. They especially mention a 16 week study on 150 overweight women who ate only 1800 calories daily, which showed a major loss of weight. They do add that it may take 6 weeks for the effects to kick in.

The largest 18 capsule bottle which lasts 20 days at the full dosage is sold for $71.99. This averages to a daily cost of $3.59. Far more well-rounded weight loss formulas are highlighted in our top 10 list.

Their single active ingredient is:

Brown Seaweed Fucoxanthin Concentrate (Xanthigen): A concentrated seaweed extract that is blended alongside pomegranate seed oil. This patented additive is made by a company called Nektium. Their claim is that this can support lipid metabolism, resting energy loss, and fat cell loss.

For users this means it can actually help support a faster working metabolism even during rest.


It relies on a natural active ingredient which is backed by clinical studies. The sales of it come in 2 kinds of bottles for longer lasting intended results. The company website also offers a clear description to explain what this has to offer, and how to properly take it. Sales are also offered on multiple sources, either direct or by 3rd party companies.


Because it relies only on a single ingredient, it’s both overly expensive and not as well-rounded as other blends. Clinical studies have shown both positive benefits and a lack of effects. There are also a lot of mixed reviews, nearly half of the opinions complained about the lack of benefits. There’s major concern over a clinical study which showed that weight loss is unlikely, and that results are more of result from diet and exercise.

A study was performed by the University of Southern Mississippi which said that the results were:


The reason of this was that it did not result in:

“significant decrease in body fat”

The effects showed similarities to the placebo, meaning that it likely had no effect at all. They even stated that any weight loss was likely due to the diet and exercise plan that users took.

The only benefit that was clear was the potential support towards lowered blood pressure and increased fat use as an energy source, though did this did not further raise weight loss.

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Clinical Studies

A great thing about the sole active ingredient is the fact that there are studies performed on it. This makes it far easier to see how it may work, and how well it is tested.

When reviewing studies it’s made clear that there was mixed reviews. There was a major positive study which the company uses to show that with diet and exercise it could reduce far more weight than a placebo. Another less biased study which was independent of the company showed that it had no measureable difference between placebos.

Which should be trusted is difficult to know, but in looking at the reviews which we mention in the “Customer Opinions” section, it becomes clear that there is a lot missing from this formula.

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Garden of Life produces this brand and they are a Florida based company. They are known for making natural ingredient formulas. They haven’t been reviewed on their Better business Bureau website, but they do have an A+ rating.

They have had to recall a few of their formulas due to outbreaks of potential contaminants. There was a fear of a potential salmonella outbreak which can be life threatening. A few users got sick from this which caused major concerns for the company’s accountability. Additional concern was raised due to the fact that there were possibly contained products which were likely purchased by consumers that were still unaware of the outbreak, even after 33 people became sick.

There was also a misprinting on a brand which also enforced a nationwide recall.


Consumer Opinions

The feedback for this varied greatly, with an alarming amount of users complaining about a lack of effects. It’s currently about split between both positive and negative experiences. Typically when there’s such a split, it’s often because the brand in question is unreliable.

Some mentioned specially that they took it daily for much longer than the suggested 6 week period, only to experience no results. Because so many said it was untrustworthy, it raises questions about the overall value of this brand.

Fortunately there wasn’t much mention about any side effects, though quit e few were disappointed to find no benefits at all.

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Garden of Life Fucoxanthin offers a unique ingredient which is reviewed in a few interesting clinical studies.

Unfortunately there are mixed reviews with a study saying it deliver no effect when compared to placebo. This makes sense when you review the many mixed reviews, a large portion of which claimed there was no noticeable weight loss.

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