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ThermoMatrix Review: Does It Work?

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ThermoMatrix is a weight loss supplement that relies on a proprietary blend to help suppress appetite and burn fat.

Currently they have no official website for this supplement other than an Amazon page. Little is known about this bran, but they do display their full supplements facts list for easy review. There are no better trusted weight loss supplements than the brands in our top 10 list.

ThermoMatrix Review

Their formula consists of a proprietary blend of 1500 mg which uses a total of 7 all-natural ingredients. Each bottle lasts 15 days at the maximum 2 capsules before 2 meals, and it’s sold for $69.99 on Amazon .

The daily cost equals to exactly $4.66 a day, making it an expensive formula. Reliable and cost effective weight loss supplements are featured in our top 10 list.

The formula consists of the following:

Whit Kidney Bean Extract: A starch blocking ingredient that can limit the amount of calories from carbohydrates. It’s used alongside a meal that contains carbohydrates in order for it to work.

Gymnema Sylvestre: An herb that is used in traditional medicine in order to help reduce the taste of sweets treats blood sugar levels, and helps reduce weight.

Cascara Sagrada: Gentle herbal laxative that has a historical use as a medicinal plant. The active ingredients in this can help improve contraction in the intestine.


The active formula is all-natural and they use a blend of potentially useful ingredients. Studies are available for every ingredient. All the intended benefits are outlined in a way to understand way. The company also displays a clear allergen warning to potential users who may not be able to eat shellfish.


No official website is provided and we can’t find any information about the company or their practices. The supplement is lacking any real stated proof, and health claims are made without evidence. No consumer reviews are available, and it’s impossible to say if this company or supplement is trustworthy.

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Garcinia Cambogia: Fruit that has an active chemical named HCA which can prevent fat cell formation and suppress appetite. Its popularity has increased in weight loss supplement after more research came out exposing its weight loss potential.

Chitosan: Natural sugar from the skeleton of certain kinds of seafood which can reduce cholesterol and dietary fat.

Aloe Vera Powder: Digestive aid from a succulent plant which can help support healthy bowel movements. Used also to help improve metabolism and reduce fats and calories.

Apple Cider Vinegar: multi-use vinegar that is used for immune health and weight loss. There’s acetic acid in it which works as an appetite suppressant and metabolism booster. This can also potentially reduce water weight which may lead to excess weight and bloating.

Ingredient Effectiveness

Because we can’t find any information from the company about the key ingredients, it’s impossible to say if it’s actually going to deliver results.

There are no details about the amount of Garcinia Cambogia, or the total HCA. This is important to know since if it’s only added in weak amounts, it likely won’t deliver any benefits. We’d have to know for certain what the total amount is to help understand if it’s likely going to be effective.

Weak HCA simply won’t have the same impact. We also took issue with the claim that this supplement has shown:

“20 lbs. lost… in 30 days”

They make it clear that there are key ingredients which can deliver these benefits, but they fail to mention which specific additives they are talking about. We can’t verify or deny this claim, but its’ highly questionable that effects would be guaranteed. They do not make a statement on this to suggest it’s a possibility, instead they make it seem like it will happen.

Unproven claims like this make it hard to trust that this will actually work as directed.

Currently there are no better weight loss supplements than the brands featured in our top 10 list.


According to their Amazon page this is owned by Extreme Nutrition LLC. There’s no information about this company anywhere however. The only way to learn about the product and how they function is by looking at the Amazon page. This 3rd party selling prevents anyone from having the support of a money back guarantee.

On the official website for the company they do not have a product page for this supplement, which makes it impossible to know if they still make it fresh.

The only thing known about them is that they began in 2008 and they are family owned. They have a private label brand which includes ThermoMatrix, but they fail to provide any evidence for it.

It also does not appear that they offer a money back guarantee, as there is no mention of it on their website or the Amazon page.


Consumer Opinions

No reviews are available for this supplement. It’s not the fault of the company that they have not been reviewed, but it’s hard to take this seriously when no one has decided to comment on it. Without any real discussion or explanation on what it can offer, we don’t know if it’s strong, effective, or safe to use.

The lack of a single review also raises questions about its ability to provide results, since customers would go into this blind with no way of checking previous experiences.

These top rated weight loss supplements were favorably reviewed by consumers for their effective support.


ThermoMatrix is no doubt made with a potent blend of natural ingredients, but the problem lies with the complete lack of explanation, user reviews, and company history.

Not a single customer review is offered anywhere, and the official company website doesn’t even mention this supplement. Even though the formula is good, other brands use similar ingredients with a greater backing from positive user experiences, the risk is simply too high to trust this.

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