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Vitakor Review: Effective Weight Management

What makes Vitakor a unique metabolism booster that’s better than the rest?

Expert Rating: 4.3/5
Customer Rating: 4.3/5

Vitakor was given the number #1 ranking due to the overwhelming positive reviews, completely natural formula, high dosage strength ingredients, ease of use, and many other important factors.

What made it stand out as a metabolism booster is the unique formula and the many studies which support each ingredients weight loss potential.

We favored it over the rest and determined it offered the most noticeable weight management potential.


Customer reviews were exceedingly positive, and it’s able to support weight loss results with only natural ingredients. Useful for getting rid of the stubborn last pounds, and can be used to lose many pounds. Company also has a great history of supporting customers and of being trustworthy.


Limited stock which can sometimes mean the product is suddenly unavailable, also only available online through a few websites.

All the intended benefits from this brand come from only natural ingredients free of stimulants and rich in high dosage strength herbs and seeds.

The proprietary formula has a well-rounded blend of ingredients which offer weight loss support that’s enhanced when used together.

Raspberry Ketone: A newly popular weight loss ingredient that is used to help raise metabolism. It can trigger fat loss while also reducing appetite by stimulating the hormone known as adiponectin.

African Mango: Fruit with rich fats and protein that comes from its seeds. They are rich in fatty acids and in recent memory have increased in popularity dye to its weight loss potential. May also help reduce bad cholesterol.

Fennel Seed: Traditionally used seed which has been used to help support weight loss, improve digestion, and reduce water weight.

Cascara Sagrada: An herb that can help sooth bowel movements and improve digestion.

Pumpkin Seed: Full of nutrients and antioxidants which can improve overall health. The fatty acids can help provide a great source of energy while helping to control blood sugar levels. Often eaten as a healthy snack due to its rich protein, high fiber, and usable nutrients.

Ginger Root: Useful herb used in traditional medicine in order to help boost digestion, relive indigestion, and improve immune health. Works additionally as a gentle laxative that can help improve bowel movements.

Flax Seed Oil: Fiber and fatty acid rich seed extract which is also rich in inflammation reducing omega-3. This is also used to help suppress appetite by filling the stomach and preventing overeating.

Bentonite Clay: Used primarily as a gentle laxative that can support bowel movements. This has also been used for weight loss due to its claimed detoxifying effects.

Improves Digestion

Digestive health is an underappreciated aspect of weight loss, even though it plays a major role. The great thing about this brand is that many of the ingredients can help improve bowel movements, aid digestion, and make it easier for the entire formula to be processed.

For the user this means they’ll be able to gain the most possible benefits by making it easier on the body. This is especially important when using new ingredients your body may not be used to, as it can speed up the effects and prevent any digestive related problems such as diarrhea, bloating, or gas.

Natural Formula

Another great feature of Vitakor is the ease of use brought on by their wholesome formula. Everything in this is not just natural, but free of many unwanted additives which can cheapen a supplement. For the consumer this means what they’re getting is rich ingredients which serve a weight loss purpose. You won’t get a heavy filler formula full of additives which serve no purpose other than to add a lot of bulk to the pills.

Having a natural formula isn’t enough to assume results are possible, which is why it’s great that Vitakor also makes sure to add each ingredient in potent amounts.

The entire blend is natural and as such, has an individual historical use as a general health aid. For the consumer this means that what they’re getting can be researched so they can make their decision on this product. There’s no need to trust speculation or hope for results when there’s legitimate science performed by 3rd party groups for each ingredient.



18Nutrition is responsible for many kinds of health and weight loss supplements. They make sure to produce only natural products and they’ve been in the supplement industry for years without any complications.

A standard they uphold is making sure that each batch is made in a facility which is FDA approved. For the consumer this means there are inspections on the facilities which make it more likely those safety regulations are upheld, and that the facilities are maintained in proper condition. This also ensures that there is reporting on the dosage strength, and observations on the overall production process.

The company also has an outstanding money back guarantee policy which ensures that consumers can try Vitakor without having to lose out on money.

Another potent weight loss product that’s made to work with Vitakor is the meal replacement 18Shake. With this shake users can get rid of two meals a day and replacement with this nutrient dense, filling, and low-calorie meal. The ease of use makes it simple enough for people to mix both brands together for optimal effects.

A great thing about 18Shake is that since it’s full of many nutrients it can also be a healthy meal that can still promote weight loss. The entire formula is also natural and made only with low-glycemic sweeteners in low amounts to better support weight loss progress.


Vitakor received our top metabolism booster spot by exceeding all our criteria.

Clinical studies are available for every single ingredient which helps tell the story on just how effective it can be. There’s good reason why customers who wanted to lose excess weight rated it favorably, as well as those looking to trim up by getting rid of stubborn pounds.

Vitakor can help provide the most useful metabolism boost that exceeds other similar brands, and it can deliver lasting results which can aid digestion and general health.


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